Quick Look at the Moriarty Megaways Slot

Sherlock Holmes, the fictitious investigator created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, appears frequently in media of all kinds. Books, of course, but also movies, television, and more. Especially when he’s hot on the trail of his archenemy, Professor James Moriarty, who would not enjoy a good old fashioned romp through the nasty streets of Victorian/Edwardian era London? We meet the detective here in iSoftBet’s flagship slot, Moriarty Megaways.

Moriarty only made an appearance in two of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, which is surprising. Since every hero requires an antagonist, Moriarty has been given more screen time in recent renditions. For instance, in a recent BBC series, Andrew Scott played a villain who was every bit as cunning as he was evil, and who was constantly one step ahead of our deerstalker-wearing, pipe-smoking hero.

Thanks to Dr. Watson’s helpful contributions, the super sleuth succeeds in iSoftBet’s Moriarty Megaways. The two leads not only inject a great deal of charm, but also take center stage in their respective feature films. All of this takes place against the backdrop of a vivid depiction of Baker Street, London, around the turn of the twentieth century. Big Ben seems a little out of place there, but that’s just artistic license for you. When iSoftbet puts their A-team to work, they produce stunning visuals, and Moriarty Megaways is right there with the best of them. It’s important to highlight Moriarty himself. This supervillain has impeccable style. Though modern criminals may be capable of larger heists, few, if any, can carry off a full beard and top hat like this diabolical rake.

Moriarty Megaways is playable across all devices with stakes starting with 20 p/c and going up to $/€20, indicating it is a high potential slot despite the comparatively low top stake. While official statistics were unavailable at press time, you should expect a high degree of volatility and a return to player percentage (RTP) of roughly 96%, in keeping with other iSoftbet Megaways titles. A Megaways-powered slot, “Gentleman Cops,” features 6 main reels that can carry anywhere from 2 to 7 symbols apiece and a top tracker reel that can hold anywhere from 2 to 4 symbols. Every spin results in a different exact number, so you can never be sure what you’ll get. This also applies to the maximum number of ways to win, which can be as high as 117,649 in the regular game and 352,947 in the bonus. The premise is rather standard for a Megaways slot, but it doesn’t make it any less successful.

The icons are a pleasant variety of items with a focus on different characters. Card royal flushes pay the least, followed by a set of chess pieces, a signet ring, and finally Jim Moriarty. If you get six of a kind, you can win anywhere from two times to fifty times your original bet. Moriarty is the only symbol that pays off on fewer than three appearances. The villain’s pocket watch acts as a wild symbol, standing in for any other pay icon except the scatter. On the main tracker, it can show up on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Megaways Moriarty Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

Dr. Watson, the voice of reason, is traveling with Holmes on this case. This time around, he’s the main attraction, with two special features dedicated to him (Watson Reels and Watson Mystery Symbols). Players can also benefit from a progressive multiplier, free spins, cascades, and the aforementioned Sherlock Reels and Sherlock Max Megaways.

In most Megaways machines, a cascade is set off after a win, clearing the reels of the winning symbols. Dropping into the empty spaces, new possibilities for sequences are created. When no new successes occur, the cascade stops.

Moriarty has the potential for some good hits in the regular game, but the free spins that are triggered by seeing three or more bonus symbols are where the real action lies. This triggers a maximum of 30 free games (15 base + 5 for each additional scatter on the reels). As a baseline, the free spins bonus typically includes a progressive win multiplier that begins at x1 and increases by 1 after each cascade. When three scatter symbols appear on the top tracker reel, the bonus round is prolonged for five additional spins.

In addition, the screen’s layout shifts during the feature, shrinking the main grid size and adding two counters at the bottom of the screen, one for Watson and one for Holmes. Each time one of the Holmes or Watson icons appears, that player’s counter will decrease by 1. When three of a kind are collected, the corresponding counter activates a miniature slot machine with a predetermined bonus;

The Watson Reels feature a single spin where a prize is guaranteed regardless of what symbols land. All of the hidden symbols become one identical one. It is still possible to have a cascade, and each victory will boost the multiplier.

The number of Holmes symbols accumulated is being tracked by the second counter. When three are gathered, a reward in the form of Sherlock Reels is given out. For this round, the mini-slot’s fixed 117,649 Megaways will all be in play. In this area, cascades also help boost the win multiplier.

Moriarty Bets are a type of in-game bonus that can be purchased by players in some jurisdictions. If at least three scatters appear on the next spin, the feature will be activated at a cost of 150 times the wager.

The Final Say on Moriarty’s Megaways Slots

Moriarty Megaways is a great illustration of the high quality that can be achieved when iSoftBet sets out to create a Megaways game. In addition to being a lot of fun to play, it is a perfect fit for the Twisted Tales series. Individually, the features of Moriarty Megaways might not seem groundbreaking. However, when the fantastic visuals and thematic application are taken into account, the total becomes greater than the sum of its parts. You don’t need to come up with something groundbreaking to make a fun game, as demonstrated by Moriarty Megaways.

The Sherlock and Watson Reels are activated in a brand-new method in free games. On mobile devices, displaying them on separate, smaller grids below the main one could be seen as inefficient. However, everything has been nicely handled in practice, so the feature provides far more value than it subtracts. The fact that wins on smaller grids cascade to increase the multiplier is especially cherished by players. Once you get them going, Moriarty Megaways may yield wins of up to 37,500 times your initial wager.

When considered as a whole, Moriarty Megaways is a fantastic contribution to the Twisted Tales canon. The visuals are top notch, creating a fun setting in which to try one’s luck at finding Moriarty. Once again, iSoftBet makes excellent use of Megaways, and the resulting game is a top-tier Holmes slot machine.

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